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Other tools and resources

To help you with your retirement planning, take a look at the following:

  • Contributions: if you are an employee of the bank you can change your contributions choice at any time on the MBC website.
  • Investment profiler: helps you see what sort of investor you are, and make changes online in the Change Investment section.
  • Expression of Wish form: complete online, or by downloading a form from the Plan Library.
  • Pension Planner: use the Planner to see the effect changing your contribution levels (if an employee), or investment choice has on your retirement plans.
  • Spring Budget 2014 website: summarises how the positive changes announced for UK pensions make retirement arrangements like the Plan an even more attractive way of saving.
  • Plan Handbook: gives you full details about the Plan and your choices.
  • Fund Factsheets: show the past performance of the investment funds available in the Plan.


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